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Anne Tucker, Therapist

Anne Tucker

My Bio

Through compassionate, professional counseling I am able to help people reduce anxiety and depression and lead more fulfilling lives. I work with adolescents (13 and older) and adults. My specialties include helping people reduce the distressing symptoms related to anxiety, depression, ADHD, social anxiety, concerning behaviors, life transition issues and trauma. I am also experienced in helping those struggling with stage of life issues and those experiencing conflict in relationships.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 10 years of experience helping people in various capacities. It is my passion to promote hope and healing through compassionate, professional counseling so that people can become self-directed, connected and vital members of their families and communities.

I use a variety of methods during the counseling process to aid in resolving conflicts. Each treatment approach is tailored to fit your specific needs. I create a safe, comfortable space to resolve whatever issue you are seeking treatment for.