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Rachel Carrico, Reiki & Quantum Touch

Rachel Carrico


My Bio

My life’s work as a mother, a wife, a friend, a colleague, and an educator has taught me the importance of finding the balance between our Social, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness. Throughout my life, people have been drawn to me when they have needed to feel balanced or grounded. By offering insight from deep intuition, and with a desire to positively impact others I discovered that I was able to help others when their life needed balance.

With this new insight, I went on a journey studying different healing modalities, becoming attuned to Reiki and also taking courses to receive my certification in Quantum Touch. As I moved from my first career as a public school teacher into the field of Energy Healing, I was delighted to find that much of my previous career overlapped with the knowledge and understanding that our bodies will respond better when we take care of and listen to it. I have also learned that in order to live in an optimum level of health, you must meet your needs Socially, Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually and Spiritually.

As a certified practitioner of Quantum Touch, I combine my wisdom and skills to build a safe and comfortable environment for you, so that you can fully experience and receive all the healing affects through the course of your treatment. My hope is for you to leave feeling rested, rejuvenated and open to all the life changing experiences that can support and continue your healing.

Typically we start with a symptom assessment, identifying the areas of the body and mind that need healing. Following the assessment, I will work with you to set your intention for healing and to conduct healing energy from the Divine (Spirit, God, Source, etc.). Just like Reiki and other healing modalities, I am merely a conduit for the Healing Energy to flow through from Divine Source and to support your innate ability to self-heal.

Within my Healing Practice, I work with adults, children and adolescents to support their healing process and to empower their mind, body and spirit to become open to the healing they are receiving. My clients leave with tools that they can use in their own life to continually support their own self-healing.

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