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Our mission is to provide integrative, creative care from a prism of honor, reverence, and optimism.

Developmental Trauma

What we learn as children and that way in which it is taught can lay the foundation for our future assumptions about ourselves, others, and the world. Attachments in early childhood can significantly influence our ability to manage emotion, to comfort ourselves and to connect with others in a secure way. Repeated injury to children over extended periods of time often fosters a more chaotic way of interacting with our environment.

Childhood verbal, physical, and emotional abuse can shape the composition of our responses to internal and external cues. Vancouver Integrative Counseling (VIC) approaches developmental trauma from a stage-based perspective that is rooted in optimism, safety, compassion, and pacing. Responses to childhood trauma are viewed as adaptive and necessary; we as therapists must acknowledge this and gain trust prior to engaging in more intensive work. We want you to know that we will be steadfast, consistent, and will ensure that skills to manage difficult emotion are in place prior to trauma work. A stage-based approach is used for developmental trauma survivors, with patience and respect being held by the therapist throughout.