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Our mission is to provide integrative, creative care from a prism of honor, reverence, and optimism.

Trauma (Complex Trauma, Medical Trauma, Single-incident trauma, Vicarious Trauma)

Common Symptoms of PTSD, Adjustment Disorder, Acute Trauma, Dissociation

  • Irritability/Anger
  • Feeling either emotionally numb or overwhelm
  • Bad Dreams
  • Hearing voices/seeing things
  • Flashbacks
  • Avoiding places, things, or people that are reminiscent of trauma/isolation
  • Feeling as if there are “people” living inside of you
  • Feeling disconnected from the body
  • Memory loss or “losing time”
  • Difficulty concentrating/feeling distracted
  • Invasive thoughts
  • Hypervigilance/fear

Our View on Trauma
Symptoms are an indicator of health not illness. They are your body’s attempt to resolve the violation on self, the world, safety and others that trauma has imposed. Flashbacks, nightmares and memories are a reflection of your value set; this is the part of the trauma that bothers you: it is as though you are repeatedly being shown images to resolve the most disturbing aspect of an event. There is good intention behind invasive thoughts; it is your body’s attempt to heal, return to homeostasis & keep you safe.

Therapy is hard work, however it should be manageable, can be peppered with humor, sensitivity & empathy, should occur at a reasonable pace, and should not overwhelm. These are our goals in providing treatment.